Industrial Tours

Exposing the future workforce to the actual field work, industrial environment, state-of the- art science and technology adapted in machineries and equipment operations and industrial practices provide ways to relate classroom theories with actual industrial experiences at the cognitive level of the students. The visits to the industry broadens the mental orientation of the students and also give the true picture of the on- going work.
One of the strengths and attractions of academic and vocational institutions to prospective students is their ability to link with important industries, derive mutual support and later access employment opportunities for school pass outs. Familiarity to industrial process, close coordination and linkages form solid grounds for the industry to rely heavily on educational institutes with which they have ongoing linkages with to supply the manpower needed under any given circumstances. Employment prospects amongst students, in turn, are heightened by deeper familiarity with existing industrial systems. The detail of the Industrial Tour and Study visit held is given hereunder: