Design projects and prototypes
Depending on the design of the course, students may be asked to design and/or build a model that illustrates the concepts they're learning,. For example, Infant and Child Development students are asked to design a day care center, complete with floor plan and accessories like furniture, games, books, toys, and schedule. Often these designs can be rendered on a computer using special software. Other times students might build physical models that are shipped to the instructor.

Students are asked to create a simulation showing concepts or themes they are studying. For example, in an Architectural Lighting course they were asked to create a small model to run lighting simulations on. Many types of "virtual instruments" can be created and used to simulate various applications of course material. This can often be done on computer.

Build-as-you-go project
Students are assigned a project that they will build as they progress through the course and turn in towards the end. They are given either partial instructions along the way or complete instructions up front. This might be a written assignment, organization of material (dissertation or thesis proposal), a structure they build, or some other item they put together.

Modifying graphics
Graphics can be designed as a template for students to build on and submit back to the instructor. For example, in an INSYS course students were given a graphic of a building floor plan and were asked to use a simple graphics program to add equipment icons and lines (to indicate wiring) in order to communicate their design of a computer network wiring system

Project Exhibition Report

Project Exhibition was conducted by the department of ECE to motivate the new students and to exhibit the present student’s technical skills in developing the projects. Almost 30 Projects were exhibited on that day. In the projects the students have used embedded system and the communication technologies like RF transmission, GSM communication, Infrared communication, GPS Modules, Bluetooth and also Zigbee modules.


In the morning session new students along with their parents were allowed to the exhibition. All the students have explained them in a polite manner and in a comfortable way even for some of the students who came from other countries. New students have showed much enthusiasm to watch the exhibition and they were eager to learn and present their own modules in the coming future.


IV/IV B.Tech students explaining the project model to the parents


IV/IV B.Tech students explaining the project model to the parents


In the afternoon session the students of II year B.Tech and III year B.Tech of ECE were allowed for awareness of the technologies and to encourage for developing such modules. The Exhibition was called off by 5’o clock in the evening.