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NOVA EEE Vijayawada(IBM) has conducted FDP on 26th, 27th & 28th Nov 2015, on "Special Electrical Machines" which showcases the importance of Sensorless Commutation with Back-EMF and its Economical aspects.Event Co-ordinator: Sri A.Kasim Vali, Assist Prof Resource Persons: Sri M.Uday Kiran Assot Prof


A Two Day National Level Workshop on “Solar Energy in Domestic Applications” on 29th & 30th of September 2015

Engineer’s Day Celebration on 15th Sep 2015 by presenting Paper & Poster Presentations

EEE Department: Industrial Visit to R.K.Transformers on 14th Aug 2015

NOVAEEE Vijayawada has conducted FDP on 26th & 27th Dec 2014,on "Solar Power and its Trending Importance" which showcases the importance of Solar Power Generation and its Economical aspects.Event Co-ordinator: Sri A.Kasim Vali, Assist Prof Resource Persons: Sri L.Veerakotlu,Assist Prof

Android WorkShop - 22-12-2014

Our students have participated in inter collegiate football tournament and selections, jntuk. Held at VRS & YRN Engg college, chirala. Four students have been provisionally selected for inter university football tournament which is going to be held at kerala.

Semi Christmas celebrations on 5-12-14

EEE student got best defender award in jr inter district kabaddi championship held at Chittor. And also selected for National Kabaddi Championship which is going to be held at Bangalore.

"NOVA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS” Promoting NOVA as “GREEN PARK” by planting saplings

"NOVA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS” Empowering their onfield knowledge through “ Industrial Visit Programme” at Dr.Narla Tatarao Thermal Power Station(NTTPS)

Final Year Farewell day celebrations

campus placed in veega soluations cse students

annivarsary celebrations voise (vision of inNOVAtitve software engineers)

2012-13 outgoing batch merit students.


Blood Donation Camp - 2014

Freshers Day Celebrations at IBM Campus - 24/Jan/2014

సంక్రాంతి సంబరాలు - 2014

Technical Visit to Machilipatnam CDR Station

The visit was conducted to provide the students the practical vision of the technical subjects in the curriculum i.e Radar Systems. This made the students to gain practical knowledge which helped the students to have more idea in the respective field. Almost 100 students have visited the station and incharge of the CDR station explained about the working of the CDR station which gave the details about the range of the working of the RADAR which is presently working there. Some of the technical details of the visit can be pointed as below

·                     Rader Station located in machilipatnam comes under Indian meteorological department. The Rader System helps to give the weather for coast up to 500kmt area around it.

·Rader can be used to detect any obstacles such as building, trees, aircrafts, ships, clouds, hills, mountains etc. The electromagnetic signals are sent in the range of radio waves. [ie.3kh3300gh3].

·   Doppler Effect is the apparent change in the frequency of a wave due to the relative motion of observer source and the target.

Two day work shop on PCB Designing

The aim of this workshop is to make the students learn the designing and manufacturing of  a printed circuit board using open source KICAD PCB design software and with various active and passive components such as Regulators, Diodes, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Switches, e.t.c.

The workshop was conducted in collaboration with M/s INDO GLOBAL SERVICES from Pune. The company has a fast growth in PCB designing and Robotics. The company’s Senior Manager Mr. Sanjeev Singh accompanied with M.Srikanth, Eshwar, Srinivas, Anil attended the workshop for guiding the students in learning the technologies of the PCB Design workshop. They have taken about 16 hours of theoretical and practical sessions. The students have performed the step by step procedure and gained hands on experience in designing a PCB. All the students were given a Certificate of participation by Principal Dr.K.Ramakrishniah after completion of the work shop.

Project Exhibition on Orientation Day

Project Exhibition was conducted by the department of ECE to motivate the new students and to exhibit the present student’s technical skills in developing the projects. Almost 30 Projects were exhibited on that day. In the projects the students have used embedded system and the communication technologies like RF transmission, GSM communication, Infrared communication, GPS Modules, Bluetooth and also Zigbee modules.

In the morning session new students along with their parents were allowed to the exhibition. All the students have explained them in a polite manner and in a comfortable way even for some of the students who came from other countries. New students have showed much enthusiasm to watch the exhibition and they were eager to learn and present their own modules in the coming future.In the afternoon session the students of II year B.Tech and III year B.Tech of ECE were allowed for awareness of the technologies and to encourage for developing such modules. The Exhibition was called off by 5’o clock in the evening.

IETE Student Forum Inaguration

All the students of ECE DEPARTMENT are very interested in joining the ISF to develop their technical skills and to gain the practical knowledge by excelling themselves in the present competitive world. NOVA ISF is having the total strength of 218 members from final, third and second years of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department.NOVA ISF is organized and ruled by some of the volunteers who are very capable of handling it and this team is grouped together forming an executive committee. The executive committee of INSTITUTIONAL STUDENT FORUM (ISF) of THE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERS (IETE) consists a body of six members which includes Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and two EC members along with guidance of a coordinator.

It is our honor to have an inauguration of ISF in the diamond jubilee year of IETE Foundation. Our ISF coordinator V.V.G.S. RAJENDRA PRASAD initiated the program by his speech in which he mentioned about achievements of ece department and expressed his happiness as NOVA college is going to be a member of IETE family by starting the ISF in ECE DEPARTMENT. Dr.M.KAMARAJU took a chance to inspire us by introducing IETE, its objectives, achievements and has given his briefing about the student forum and the flexibility of the students to have an access to the programs conducted by the organization. He also mentioned about the membership details and the usage of this membership in various sectors. He delivered his speech to encourage the students in various aspects such as being innovative and sportive to have creative projects and to use the institution effectively without stopping the ISF with an inauguration ceremony. T.Venkateswara Rao the secretary of IETE Vijayawada region has encouraged the students mentioning about the journals that IETE is supporting and the way to publish a paper in that specified journals with the help of ISF. He also mentioned about the encouragement given by the IETE local center for helping the students in participating in various activities both technical and non technical. He also gave detailed information about the events that are going to be conducted in the year 2013 and the funds provided by the IETE Delhi for strengthening the ISF in Vijayawada Region. The chief guest Dr.P. SIDDHAIH Dean faculty of engineering, ANU College of engineering and technology who is a great veteran had addressed the students in an inspirational way and encouraged us in creating new ideas and promised that he will support each and every engineering student who wants to excel himself.

Two day work shop on Robotics ( i-Robot)

A two day work shop on robotics titled as I-Robot was conducted on January 4th & 5th 2013 by ECE department in Nova college of Engineering & Technology, Jupudi, Ibrahimpatnam in association with M/s INDOGLOBAL SERVICES from Bangalore.

The technical team assisted by Mr.Karthik guided our students in designing a robot with step by step interfacing modules for about 16 hours. Both theoretical and hands on training is given to the students by the technical expertise. Almost 70 students from III year ECE and II year ECE participated in the workshop and gained the knowledge in designing & controlling a robot embedded C’ Programming.

Pranadhata Blood Organization Inauguration

Pranadhatha is a blood organization started in the college to serve the blood donors in time to the needy people. The ultimate aim of the organization is to get the blood samples from the available students and let them know their group and then classify them based on their group so that whenever there is a need for the blood the respective group donor list will be taken and the donor contact information will be intimated to the needy people immediately.

Parents Interaction Meet

Parents meet was conducted in the college campus on 8th February in order to intimate the parents about the performance of the students in the present and the previous semesters.

Industrial visit of Final year students to Steel plant & Shipyard.

The industrial visit made our students very excited. The students have got a practical vision of the steel plant in detail and they have also got the manufacturing techniques used in the ship yard. This visit encouraged many students in all aspects.

Guest Lecture on ARM Processor

A Guest lecture was conducted for III ECE students in order to gain more knowledge from the expertise in the industry. This lecture was conducted for the syllabus which is mentioned in the curriculum.

Farewell party for final year students

As the academic year has come to an end, ECE students have taken the opportunity to wish all the final year students for a bright future and success all the way they go for with a small farewell on 6th April 2013.

Freshers Day Party Photos

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